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Point A to Point B

Summary: There is always more than one path.

Just how long is 50 meters?

Let's not dwell on the "what happened" for now, but I just found myself going down a mind-numbing rabbit hole that is having to untangle a 50m ethernet cable.

I *had* to think about something else in the meantime to prevent myself from going insane. (Or did that not work at all?)

Usain Bolt could sprint across 50 meters in a little over 5 seconds.

Michael Phelps could swim across a 50-meter pool in a little over 20 seconds.

Now what about a 50-meter cable full of knots in the middle? Well, technically, you could make both ends touch each other. In other words, the "travel time" between the two points would be zero seconds.

But then the messy knots didn't go away at all. The cable would still be tangled.

Of course you could always just throw out the tangled cable and get a brand new one.

It's just that if you didn't take proper recycling into consideration, you would be producing unjustifiable waste.

Also, what if you were already halfway through untangling? The longer you waited to take the plunge, the higher your sunk cost (in terms of time) would be.