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Most milkweed flowers are poisonous to humans and pets, but at the same time can be a great nectar source for pollinators like butterflies and honeybees — *if* they don't get trapped inside and die.

Be yourself, and the right people will come by at some point or another. Those who are not meant to be in your life are simply that.

Getting a rejection is like taking an early exit on the freeway.

You are not necessarily changing your destination; perhaps you are just taking a different route to get there.

History has repeatedly told us not to repeat it.

We have been historically terrible at learning from what history tells us.

Sometimes we are like drones. Bringing others down won't make you fly higher.

We will have leveled up when this is all over.

It's more than just an involuntary lockdown. Think of this period of trying times as a secret training camp — from which we will emerge stronger, more intelligent, more compassionate, and with slightly longer hair.