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Infinite Power

Versus finite time (per person).

Coal, petroleum, natural gas... You probably guessed it: I am naming common examples of finite energy resources — finite being the operative word.

Once any of these is used up, there will be no way to replenish it. What's gone is gone.

On the other end of the renewability spectrum, we have solar energy, wind power, hydropower — just to name a few.

What I was thinking about just now though (using my finite, non-renewable time, no less), is a special type of infinite power. Namely, brain-power.

There are a myriad of mind-related resources that we enjoy an abundance of, yet are far too often underutilized.

Some examples would be knowledge, creativity, and kindness.

Knowledge, creativity, and kindness normally never run out, if so chosen.

Employing or spreading any of the three won't reduce its total availability at all. In fact, sharing it with others may even inspire people to go on and generate *more* of it.

When you teach someone something, you don't lose what you know. There isn't going to be less for others to learn, either.

When you create something, it doesn't take away what you or others may create in the future.

When you are kind to someone, it doesn't reduce your own positive energy at all. Plus, kindness is infectious.

Here's an added benefit to consider: Knowledge, creativity, and kindness are major ingredients in coming up with responsible solutions to tackle our resource scarcity problem.