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Welcome to My New Blog

Summary: What the content migration is all about.

In the past 3 years or so, I have been fortunate enough to garner a humble readership on Medium, publishing both technical and non-technical posts alike.

As pleasant to use as Medium has been, I have decided to once again move to a self-hosted blog. That way I get to retain control of the content.

This new blog is primarily built with free tools. More specifically, I use Jekyll as the static site generator. The resulting site is hosted on GitHub Pages. The only thing I have to pay for is the domain name.

I am hoping that this will become a consolidated place for all of my ramblings. So future Medium-worthy articles will most likely land here. I may also choose to publish some status updates here (aka microblogging) instead of up on social media.

It's not meant to be a social media cleanse, per se. I just quite like the idea of having a central, self-hosted means of content consolidation.