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Communication Between Someone Blind and Someone Deaf

Summary: Yet another side project.

Year 2020 has NOT been off to a good start for most of the world, which is why I am now more motivated than ever to squeeze my finite time on Earth to create useful tech.

What I am currently working on, is an app that lets a deaf person communicate with a blind person.

In some ways, this is bringing one of my previous apps* a few steps further.

Open-source, living journals are on their way as we speak. Over the last year, I also made the time to get some channel establishments out of the way, including a podcast and a YouTube channel.

(That's a lot of breaking out of comfort zone!)

I just need to remind myself to update the content more frequently.

Now this new app is also being developed in a "side project" fashion, so dev speed is pretty much the last thing I focus on. That being said, we should see at least a demo sometime this year.


*In 2019, I built Listenabel, an interface that reads labels aloud. As a side project, its progress has been slow but steady.

I am happy to report that the home stretch is near — for making the app available for public use, including people who happen to be blind or visually impaired.

The project won't stop there, though. Nor will I.