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Acknowledge Its Existence

Summary: Know that it's there even if we can't see it — *especially* if we can't see it.

Today's late-night ramblings are in regard to something that one cannot see, but undoubtedly exists nonetheless.

Are you thinking what I was thinking? I was going to say — blind spot; or perhaps more than one of them.

Take driving. It's possible that there will be multiple blind spots at any given time, depending upon things like the type of vehicle you are in, your height, your peripheral vision, and many more.

Irresponsible drivers risk not only their own life, but that of others who share the road, if they make reckless maneuvers without compensating for blind spots.

Compensating for — or even finding ways to completely eliminate — blind spots doesn't take much time and effort at all, and yet could literally save lives.

We just have to be willing to take that step.

And in order to be able to act willingly and accordingly, we have to first acknowledge that they are there. We all have blind spots.